With the current changes in the health care system, both nationally and locally, and with more changes on the way, Caretinuum has assembled a suite of custom solutions for its partners: health care institutions, physician practices, independent practice associations (IPAs), managed care organizations (MCOs), and government entities.

Recognizing that the management and tracking of metrics is a new capability to many, and that how the patient is doing will increasingly be tied to an organization’s bottom line, Caretinuum provides a means to weather changes in market pressures by enhancing the value proposition to both providers and patients.

Caretinuum's solutions are innovative and provide significant value through new revenue sources and/or expense reduction while enhancing overall care to the individuals served.

Caretinuum adopts technologies that offer health care providers and organizations robust data, rich financial resources and savings toward an overall bottom line.

These technologies and services include:

  • A program for automatic adjudication (reconciliation) of vendor pharmacy claims
  • Resources for physicians (EMR/EHR, Medicare approved Annual Wellness Visit support)
  • A total end-to-end Alternate Care (nursing home and assisted living) Management System (including EMR)
  • Our Flagship Program for those with Special Needs.

Caretinuum has spent years in selecting and optimizing these technologies and works with your management team to assure that these solutions are a best fit for you and your organization.  In most cases, our solutions are provided at little or no cost…nothing…zero.  Caretinuum is paid from the save and the utilization of data that is assembled from the solution.  You Spend Less and Save More.  It is truly Net Zero!

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